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Getting Ready



We work with you to create questions that will be presented on video screens during your event. These questions can be multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, ranking. They can ask for opinions or be trivia questions if you choose to format it as a game show. These question screens can be customized with your company logo, meeting message, and/or color scheme. Group Response System We meet with you and go through your presentation to ensure accuracy and fine tuning before day of your event.

Show Day

We have programmed your interactive questions and now are ready to setup screen and projector to present to your audience. Our technician(s) show up on site with the required equipment ready to make your presentation a success. Audience Response Equipment 


If You Rent From Us

 Whether you choose our "Full Service" or ”Do-It-Yourself” option we make arrangements with you to ensure your equipment and technician(s) arrive to the destination of your choice in a timely manner.