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Financial Benefits


Not only does it make sense to use the keypads in a meeting environment, it can also be beneficial in other settings.


  • Electronic Voting - significantly reduces the amount of time it takes (less money spent paying for a venue and food).
  • Health and Safety - Decreasing time spent training your employees (less time away from work, higher retention). Lessen the possibility of work related injuries.
  • Effectively Train your Sales Staff - increased sales, less time training.
  • Anonymous Responses are honest responses (don’t spend time and money going down the wrong road – not the one being influenced by the crowd).

Ecological Benefits


Go Green: Low energy consumption combined with high efficiency compact design, allows us to cost effectively make use of the keypads and transport them to and from the location of your choice. We provide you with an electronic report to minimize the use of paper and ink products.


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Re-usable Meeting After Meeting
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Portable Design.

Ultimately the keypads have many possible applications and benefits. It can be used to take attendance, grade answers within large lecture halls, and to capture feedback and opinions during corporate meetings, market research and much more.

  • Immediately Confirms Audience Understanding of Key Points
  • Improved Attentiveness
  • Increased Knowledge Retention
  • Enhanced Learning
  • Poll Anonymity (honest responses gives you a clear and true picture)
  • Ability to Track Individual Responses
  • Ability to Display Polling Results Immediately
  • Accelerate Decision Making
  • Fosters Individual Ownership of Group Decisions
  • Makes an Interactive and Fun Learning Environment
  • Ability to Gather Data for Reporting and Analysis

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